Reports & Analyses

  • Race, Place, and Jobs: Reducing Employment Inequality in America’s Metros

    January 31, 2017

    The latest brief from the National Equity Atlas team, Race, Place, and Jobs: Reducing Employment Inequality in America’s Metros, analyzes the relationship between racial and spatial inequality in employment across America’s largest 150 metropolitan regions. We find that in several regions with large racial gaps in employment such as Youngstown and Milwaukee, unemployed workers of color tend to live in a small number of neighborhoods. In these places, neighborhood-targeted workforce development and job access strategies have the potential to increase racial equity and reduce disparities at the regional level, building stronger and more inclusive regional economies. 

    Media: Race, Place, and Jobs: Reducing Employment Inequality in America’s Metros (Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity: The Source for News, Ideas and Action)

  • Full Employment for All: The Social and Economic Benefits of Race and Gender Equity in Employment

    August 10, 2015

    How much stronger could the economy be if everyone who wanted a job could find one—regardless of race, ethnicity, or gender? This analysis, produced for the Fed Up campaign for Federal Reserve policies that work for communities most left behind by the recovery, estimates the potential economic gains of full employment for all. Find out what the United States economy—and the economies of the 12 metropolitan regions where each Federal Reserve office is located—could look like with true full employment for all. Download the fact sheets and methodology here. (Download detailed methodological appendix here). 


    Media: This is how protesters plan to take on the Federal Reserve (Wonkblog)