Detailed race/ethnicity
The composition of the population by race/ethnicity, nativity, and ancestry. Latinos include people of Hispanic origin of any race and all other groups are non-Hispanic. Data for 2010 represent a 2006-2010, while data for 2015 represent a 2011-2015 average. For more information, see the data and methods document. | National Equity Atlas Data & Methods: Technical Documentation

United States

Race and ethnicity by nativity:

Who lives here and how is this changing?

Why it matters

Latinos and other communities of color are the fastest-growing segments of the population in most regions, but these groups tend to face barriers to accessing the educational and economic opportunities they need to fully participate and prosper.

Grow an equitable economy: Policies to leverage diversity as an asset

Tennessee Welcomes Immigrants to Build a Stronger Economy

Responding to a rapidly growing immigrant population (the third-fastest-growing in the nation), the Welcoming Tennessee Initiative was launched in 2005 to counter anti-immigrant backlash and strengthen the local economy. Using dinner conversations between long-time residents and immigrants, billboards, and other community strategies, the initiative successfully defeated English-only referendums and legislation. Since then, the project has inspired a national Welcoming America initiative, with affiliates in 17 states. Learn more.