The share of the adult population that has been diagnosed with diabetes. Universe includes the adult population ages 18 or older. No data is reported for demographic subgroups with insufficient sample sizes. Data represents a 2008-2012 average. For more information, see the data and methods document. | National Equity Atlas Data & Methods: Technical Documentation

United States

Percent of adults with diabetes:

Are residents healthy?

Why it matters

Healthy neighborhoods provide residents with access to parks, healthy food, clean air, safe streets, and health care and social services. Many of the neighborhoods where low-income people and people of color live lack these health-promoting ingredients, and these groups are more likely to suffer from obesity, asthma, diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic diseases.

Grow an equitable economy: Policies to promote healthy eating and active living for all

Hernando Considered the “Healthiest Hometown in Mississippi”

The small town of Hernando, Mississippi has made big news with their efforts to promote healthy living and reduce obesity. Through efforts such as establishing a parks department and building more parks, starting a farmers’ market that accepts food stamps and vouchers for seniors, and allowing school facilities to be open to residents during non-school hours, the City of Hernando and Mayor Chip Johnson have made it easier for families to be active and healthy. And the changes are getting Hernando some well-deserved recognition. In 2010, Hernando was named “healthiest Hometown in Mississippi”. Read more.