Edward-Michael Muña

Project Manager at USC ERI

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Edward-Michael Muña, Project Manager at the USC Equity Research Institute (ERI), manages and produces analyses for the National Equity Atlas, one of the nation’s largest repositories for racial equity data. Edward’s research interests are in the nexus between the built environment and health/economic outcomes for communities of color. During his time with ERI, he has worked on projects in climate equity and inclusive economies. His most recent projects include, Up in the Air: Revisiting Equity Dimensions of California’s Cap-and-Trade System, an examination of the health disparities that have persisted in California’s cap and trade program and No Going Back: Together for an Equitable and Inclusive Los Angeles, a report that lays out a roadmap for an equitable recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. Prior to joining ERI, Edward was a City Hall Fellow for the City and County of San Francisco and a Program Assistant for the Prevention Institute. In those roles, he worked in financial planning and training and technical assistance across issues of water infrastructure, urban agriculture, education, and public health. His public policy practicum project focused on creating an index of gentrification susceptibility for the City of Los Angeles for which his team was awarded the Biller Award for Best Public Policy Analysis.