We provide community leaders and policymakers with research and data tools to understand equity issues and trends, inform the policy debate, and take action.


Our analyses examine equity trends and issues, providing local and national leaders with critical data to inform organizing, advocacy, and policy change.


Our dashboards distill complex issues into visualizations that provide easy-to-understand data insights and equity solutions.

Data Snapshots

Our data snapshots provide high-level summaries of key equity indicators across geographies.

Local Data Tools

We produce equity profiles and local equity atlases in partnership with leaders working for equitable and sustainable community futures. 

Racial Equity Index

The Racial Equity Index provides a snapshot of how well a community is doing on racial equity compared to its peers. We built it to help you identify key equity issues, develop solutions and set specific goals for closing racial gaps, and track progress over time. New to the Index? Start here to better understand how to use it.