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The Face of America is Changing

The United States is undergoing a profound demographic transformation in which people of color are quickly becoming the majority. Already more than half of all children under age five are of color, and by 2045, people of color will be the majority overall. This shift is happening not only in cities, the traditional bastions of diversity, but also in suburban and rural communities across the country.

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Inequity Threatens Economic Prosperity

The country’s growing, diverse population is a tremendous economic asset in the global economy. But rising income inequality and persistent racial gaps in health, wealth, income, employment, education, and opportunity prevent low-income people and people of color from realizing their full economic potential. And as the nation becomes more diverse, the costs of inequity will grow. Here are some of the key challenges:

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Equity is the Superior Growth Model

Economists, business leaders, and elected officials increasingly recognize that inequality is hindering economic growth, and that racial and economic inclusion are the drivers of robust economic growth. To build a strong next economy, leaders in the private and public sectors need to advance an equitable growth agenda: a strategy to create good jobs, increase human capabilities, and expand opportunities for everyone to participate and prosper. Equity will make America stronger.