The National Equity Atlas is America's most detailed report card on racial and economic equity. We equip movement leaders and policymakers with actionable data and strategies to advance racial equity and shared prosperity. The Atlas is produced by PolicyLink and the USC Equity Research Institute. Start here

Our Work

How Equity Matters

Racial and economic inequality are the defining issues of our time. The brutal murder of George Floyd, amidst a pandemic disproportionately harming the health and livelihoods of Black, Latinx, Indigenous people, Asian Americans, and other people of color, put structural inequities at the center of our national policy debate. Dismantling systemic racism, reversing inequality, and ensuring that all people can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential are key to the success of our economy and our democracy.

Our Impact

From helping community organizers and advocates make the case for the policies that address the structural inequities they see every day, to supporting government leaders working to design equity solutions, to informing philanthropic investments in racial equity – our research and data are key ingredients in winning equity campaigns.

Protecting Renters from Covid-19 Evictions

“ Equity Atlas data underscores what we are seeing on the ground every day, and provides critical information for us to advocate for humane, equitable, common sense policy to keep people housed.”

— Debra Ballinger, Monument Impact, Concord

In the Bay Area's Contra Costa County, our analysis found that 12,000 renter households would be at imminent risk of eviction if the county’s eviction moratorium expired, with more waves of evictions close behind. This data on the magnitude of the risk helped the Raise the Roof coalition successfully urge the Board of Supervisors to extend the moratorium and rent freeze from July 15 to September 30, 2020.

Photo: Brooke Anderson Photography

Raise the Roof Contra Costa