California Jobs First: Regional Equity Profiles

California Jobs First, formerly known as the California Economic Resilience Fund (CERF), is a $600 million fund created by the State of California to build a sustainable and equitable economy across California. As communities across the state continue to recover from the economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, California Jobs First aims to support new strategies and investments to diversify local economies and develop industries that create high-quality, broadly accessible jobs for all Californians.

To support the California Jobs First collaboratives, the National Equity Atlas developed seven regional equity profiles. These profiles were produced for seven of the 13 economic regions identified by the state government: Central Coast, Eastern Sierra, Inland Empire, North State, Redwood Coast, Sacramento, and Southern Border. They provide data and insights that community-based and advocacy groups can leverage to address long-standing inequities; promote climate resiliency; ensure the benefits of new development extend to communities of color and historically disinvested areas; and bind all of California’s communities together.

California Jobs First Regional Conveners

If you are a California-based organization, visit or reach out to your region’s convener: