New Report Makes Case for Equity in Metro Atlanta

23 Sep 2016 | Angel Ross
New Report Makes Case for Equity in Metro Atlanta

A new report from the Partnership for Southern Equity (PSE), Growing the Future: The Case for Economic Inclusion in Metro Atlanta, describes how equity is both a moral and economic imperative for the Atlanta region and for the nation as a whole. The report highlights the full employment analysis and GDP with racial equity analysis conducted by the National Equity Atlas team, both of which underscore how eliminating racial inequities results in “equity dividends” for the broader economy. PSE writes:

“The Partnership for Southern Equity defines economic inclusion as: ‘Increasing equity in the distribution of income, wealth building, employment, and entrepreneurial opportunities for vulnerable populations.’ In this definition, equity is a step beyond equality because it takes into account that people may not start from the same place and, therefore, ‘equal’ treatment may not resolve the gap that exists. […] Economic inclusion is a win-win for society because an increase in productive citizens who can participate in the economy, purchase goods, and contribute to cultural and business innovation leads to that society’s growth and sustainability.”

Growing the Future is data driven and includes spatial analyses of several indicators including unemployment, job location, income, and education that show how the historical roots of segregation persist today. 

The report also describes several examples of strategies already in action locally and across the country that address regional inequities, and lays out six principles of economic inclusion to guide development of policies moving forward. To learn more about the Partnership for Southern Equity, click here