National Equity Atlas: February Update

28 Feb 2019 | Alexis Stephens
National Equity Atlas: February Update

Dear Atlas Users,

Greetings from the National Equity Atlas team! This month, we released a new equity profile for the city of Long Beach. We are also happy to see our research on Sacramento and Long Island being used to advance equitable growth policies in those communities.
Long Beach Equity Report Release
On February 5, the National Equity Atlas team, in partnership with Citi Community Development, the Long Beach Office of Equity, and Councilmember Rex Richardson’s Office, released an Equitable Growth Profile of the City of Long Beach at Long Beach City College Pacific Coast Campus. One hundred participants attended the event, including residents, nonprofit and philanthropic leaders, city officials, and staff. Dr. Manuel Pastor gave the keynote address, highlighting the benefits of racial economic inclusion and the importance of using data not only disaggregated by race/ethnicity, but also by immigrant status and ancestry to advance equity and shift policy. “These aren’t crazy things,” said Brian Addison in an article about the report’s policy recommendations in the Long Beach Post. “They’re doable. They’re respectable. And if we want to keep Long Beach, well, Long Beach, we have to actually start implementing them.”
Join Our Team: PolicyLink is Hiring a Director for Our Equity Data Team
Love the Atlas? Come work with us! PolicyLink is seeking a director to lead our growing portfolio of work that leverages data to advance racial and economic equity. The director will have principal responsibility for the day-to-day management of the National Equity Atlas and the forthcoming Bay Area Equity Atlas and lead the development of other high-impact quantitative and mixed-methods analyses and data tools. Find the job description and instructions on how to apply here.

California Data Sources
The Atlas was included in a crowdsourced compilation of data sources advocates turn to when they need publicly available data about California. Originally created for the communities participating in the California Accountable Communities for Health Initiative, Hillcrest Advisory currently maintains the regularly updated catalog.
In the News
Atlas data was used in the first of six longform reports by Hawaii Business magazine about families struggling to get by in the state. Sacramento News & Review provided coverage on a white paper released by the Sacramento Housing Alliance that included Atlas data on local rent increases. Our fact sheet on rent burdens in Chicago was cited in an In These Times cover article on grassroots organizing in the city. Nassau County Comptroller Jack Schnirman released a report on Black economic equity in the Long Island, NY county, which references a National Equity Atlas report from 2017. Newsday and The Island Now wrote about the report and its release event.
Thank you for your interest in our work!

The National Equity Atlas team at PolicyLink and the USC Program for Environmental and Regional Equity (PERE)