National Equity Atlas Air Pollution Data Featured in The Seattle Times

In a recent Seattle Times op-ed, Peter Bloch Garcia, executive director of Latino Community Fund of Washington, and Tony Leeco-chair of the Asian Pacific Islander Coalition in King County, used air pollution data from the National Equity Atlas to make the case for more equitable climate policies in Washington state.

"The National Equity Atlas illustrates that air-pollution exposure in the Asian Pacific Islander population is 34 points worse than it is for the white population in Washington state."

Urging state legislators to take action on climate and environmental justice, the authors explained that “While environmental justice champions at the federal level must play defense, Washington state should be on offense. We can rebalance uneven access to healthy neighborhoods and create green jobs.”

Visit the National Equity Atlas to learn more about our two air pollution indicators (Exposure index and Unequal burden) and explore the data for your region.