Webinar Archive: Special Preview: Neighborhood Mapping on the Atlas

12 Oct 2016 | Rosamaria Carrillo
Webinar Archive: Special Preview: Neighborhood Mapping on the Atlas

The National Equity Atlas had a beta release for its new neighborhood mapping functionality. To learn how to use it and offer feedback, watch our latest webinar: “Special Preview: Neighborhood Mapping on the Atlas.” Here are the webinar recording and slidesWe encourage you to share then with your network.

Here are some additional mapping tools mentioned during the webinar:


Find analyses of our newest data featured below or in the “Data in Action” section; and follow our 'Chart of the Week' series here and on Twitter @PolicyLink using #equitydata:


We also invite you to join our next live webinar, "Exploring New Neighborhood Maps Added to the Atlas," scheduled for Wednesday, November 2, at 12:00 pm - 12:30 pm PT. We will release new interactive neighborhood-level mapping for three additional indicators: people of color, race/ethnicity, and disconnected youth. These new maps allow you to visualize the geography of opportunity by race/ethnicity across neighborhoods within your community. Register here.

If you have additional feedback about the new mapping features, please contact Sarah Treuhaft at sarah@policylink.org or visit our “Frequently Asked Questions” section on the Atlas to scan commonly asked questions.
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-- The National Equity Atlas team at PolicyLink and the USC Program for Environmental and Regional Equity (PERE)