Webinar Archive

The National Equity Atlas team and partners host webinars on a regular basis to share new data, indicators, and functionalities and to highlight ways of using Atlas data to advance inclusive growth. Below are our archived webinars, organized chronologically by year.


Using Data to Support Organizing and Policy Advocacy: 2017 Renter Week of Action (December 7, 2017) This webinar highlights how data supported and amplified 2017 #RenterWeekofAction efforts in which thousands of people in dozens of cities across the country held actions and assemblies to demand better protections for renters. The National Equity Atlas team partnered with Right to the City Alliance to support these local mobilizations by creating 38 fact sheets highlighting renter economic power and what cities gain by ensuring renter affordability.

Targeted Strategies to Reduce Employment Inequality (March 24, 2017) This webinar highlights findings from the policy brief, Race, Place, and Jobs: Reducing Employment Inequality in America’s Metros, paired with example of effective jobs strategies being implemented by the Northside Funders Group in Minneapolis and the Network for Economic Opportunity in New Orleans.

Beyond a People-of-Color Majority: U.S. Demographic Projections to 2050 (February 15, 2017) This webinar looks at the changing demographics of the U.S. beyond 2044, the year in which the nation will be majority people-of-color, providing a live demo of four indicators that include updated demographic projections to 2050: People of color, Race/ethnicity, Population growth rates, and Contribution to growth: People of color.


Exploring New Neighborhood Maps Added to the Atlas (November 2, 2016) This webinar explores new mapping breakdowns by four indicators (People of color, Race/ethnicity, Unemployment, and Disconnected youth); how to create your own custom maps; and how you can use them to advance equitable growth strategies.

Special Preview: Neighborhood Mapping on the Atlas (October 6, 2016)­ This webinar offered a special preview of new maps will allow users to understand how selected equity indicators vary across neighborhoods within a city or region and can help inform targeted strategies and investments.

3 Ways to Use the New Chart Downloads (September 1, 2016)­ Spotlighting new gender breakdowns for three indicators (Working poor, disconnected youth, and Education levels and job requirements), this webinar describes three simple ways you can use chart downloads available in the Atlas to advance equity in your community.

Explore New Data on Immigrants in the National Equity Atlas (August 8, 2016) This webinar offers tips for accessing disaggregated data in the Atlas to assess how immigrants are fairing in your community, and to develop strategies for immigrant integration and inclusion in your community.

Explore New Equity Atlas Indicators on Poverty and Working Poor (July 12, 2016) This webinar reviews two indicators available on the Atlas - Poverty and Working poor- and further explores policy strategies that can advance racial economic inclusion and equitable growth in your community.

Introducing the National Equity Atlas Data and Policy Tool (June 22, 2016) This webinar features a live demonstration of the Atlas for the grantees of the W. K. Kellogg Foundation.

Exploring New Equity Indicators for Detailed Racial Ethnic Subgroups (May 26, 2016) This webinar reviews detailed racial/ethnic breakdowns to several economic opportunity indicators available on the Atlas, including: Unemployment, Wages: Median, Wages: $15/Hour, Disconnected Youth, Educational Levels, and Homeownership.


Data Tools for Policy Change: Paid Family Leave Policies to Advance Health Equity and Build an Inclusive Economy (December 14, 2015) This webinar was presented by PolicyLink, diversitydatakids.org, and Family Values @ Work, highlighting family and medical leave indicators available on diversitydatakids.org that underscore the intersection of public health and work-family policies as well as the importance of rigorous data on state-level access to family and medical leave.

The National Equity Atlas: New Equity Data for the 100 Largest Cities (September 30, 2015) This webinar highlights the release of data available for the largest 100 cities in the nation to help city leaders champion policies and strategies to counter deepening inequality and build “all-in cities” where all residents—especially those who’ve long been excluded—can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential.

Introducing the National Equity Atlas (December 9, 2014)­ This webinar introduces the National Equity Atlas, a first-of-its-kind online resource for data and policy ideas to build an equitable economy in your region, state, and nationwide.

Data Tools for Change: The Child Opportunity Index (March 18, 2015) This webinar highlights the Child Opportunity Index – a tool from diversitydatakids.org and the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity- and how, in conjunction with other neighborhood-level indicators of wellbeing, can arm leaders with data to advance cross-sector efforts centered around child health equity.

Tools for Social Change: The National Equity Atlas (January 28, 2015) This webinar, co-hosted with the National Committee for Responsible Philanthropy, describes the equity framework that undergirds the Atlas, offers a tour of the Atlas, and shares examples of how foundations can employ equity data and policy strategies to foster inclusive growth.