For an Equitable Recovery, Invest in New Mexican Workers


The outbreak of Covid-19 has shone a spotlight on the persistent inequities facing people of color across the nation, including those in New Mexico. The economic shock caused by the pandemic occurred at a time when low-wage workers in New Mexico were already struggling with flat paychecks and exorbitant costs for basic needs like housing and health care. Just like the coronavirus crisis itself, the economic crisis is hitting workers of color in New Mexico, particularly Native American workers, the hardest as they experience more layoffs and greater financial hardship than White workers. As New Mexico state leaders begin to address the widespread economic impact of Covid-19, they should capitalize on this moment to create both immediate and long-term opportunities for low-income people and people of color. Download the brief to learn more about the ways workers of color in San Juan County have been impacted by the coronavirus, and how investing in workforce training should be a core element of New Mexico’s COVID-19 recovery strategy.