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Drivers of Inequity

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Grow an equitable economy: Policies to promote healthy communities for all

Strategy in Action

West Harlem Environmental Action (WE ACT) Tackles Indoor Mold

In 2004, West Harlem Environmental Action launched Our Housing is Our Health (OHOH) Campaign to address housing issues impacting the health of low-income communities of color in Northern Manhattan and throughout NYC.  In 2006, they launched the “Mold is Taking Hold” campaign focused on indoor mold within the city’s low-income housing. WE ACT co-released a report confirming that reports of mold contamination – a severe asthma trigger – had been increasing over 5 years. As a result of those efforts, the city’s toxic mold policy was improved.  This was a huge win, particularly for families of color living in poorer neighborhoods like Harlem, where 25% of children suffer from asthma. Read more.

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