Tableau-Ready Data

Our Data

Here you will find starter workbooks that provide National Equity Atlas datasets in a Tableau-ready format. Each workbook includes data for all of the geographies in the Atlas (the United States, all 50 states, the 150 largest metropolitan areas, and the 100 largest cities), breakdowns by race, sex, nativity, gender, and ancestry, and example charts you can use to create your own custom displays. 

The workbooks allow you to do three things: 

  1. Explore the data by reviewing charts.
  2. Customize your charts by adjusting the visual design of a chart using a different color palette, layout, or any other chart elements. Add in callouts or tooltips to highlight key data points most relevant to you.
  3. Create your own Tableau dashboard or story highlighting multiple data charts most relevant for your needs. Bring in your own community’s experience and context on the drivers of inequity, and create a dashboard with policy solutions to improve equity. 

You can get started now with the workbooks below for Housing Burden, Median Wages, Poverty, Educational Attainment, Car Access, and Working Poor. We will continue to add workbooks for the rest of the Atlas indicators on a rolling basis.